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Universal Parks and Resorts Single Sign-On

Your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials, in combination with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), are used to access NBC Universal (NBCU) and Universal Parks and Resorts (UPR) applications both at work and on the go.

Detailed information for Universal Orlando Team Members can be found at uoteam.com/mysso

Self service tools for all UPR Team Members are available on this site to register your SSO account, setup Duo Mobile, change your password (if you know your current password) and reset your password (if you have forgotten your password or need to unlock your account).

Questions? Contact the Parks Technology Identity Management team at mysso@uniparks.com or open a ticket with the Parks Technology Service Desk by calling +1-407-224-4357.

Quick Links

Please note: Changing or resetting your password through this portal will update BOTH your current NBCU SSO password and current UPR Active Directory/Network password (if applicable) to the new password you select.

  1. Change Password
  2. Reset Password
  3. Register SSO Account
  4. Register Duo Account*
  5. Learn more about SSO and MFA

  1. UPRA and ARS Password Reset*

  1. Duo Mobile App Download - Android
  2. Duo Mobile Device Compatibility - Android
  3. Duo Mobile App Download - Apple iOS
  4. Duo Mobile Device Compatibility - Apple iOS

* You must be connected to the Universal Parks and Resorts corporate network to access this link.